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Chilling Out: The Psychology of Relaxation

BOOK (Christine. L. B. Selby, Ph.D., author): (from This appealing, accessible reference volume enables readers to easily understand what creates and constitutes stress- an unavoidable part of modern life - and learn about the psychology behind relaxation.

• Focuses on examples and applications from everyday life rather than abstract, academic theories to ensure that the information is highly accessible and relevant to readers. 

• Includes real-world scenarios that demonstrate the positive and negative effects of different relaxation techniques in different circumstances

• Includes contributions from scholars debating major issues related to the psychology of relaxation

Available from

Clinicians on the Couch: 10 Questions with Christine Selby

"Every month, in our interview series, we give readers a rare glimpse into the lives of therapists. Rare because how often do you get to ask a therapist about how they personally cope with stress or whether they’d actually follow the same professional path again? Rare because how often do you get to sit with a therapist and explore the most challenging and rewarding parts of their job?..." read more

7 Ways to Become More Comfortable Being Ourselves

"So many of us have a hard time being alone with ourselves. Which is why we have a few glasses of wine when we’re the only one at home. It’s why we try not to be home by ourselves. It’s why we like to stay busy. It’s why we turn to all sorts of substances; anything not to think or feel or sit with ourselves..." read more

How to Be Yourself When You've Worn a Mask For Too Long

“Being someone we are not is nearly a guarantee for unhappiness,” according to Christine Selby, Ph.D, a psychologist in Bangor, Maine. And these words couldn’t be more accurate. After all, happiness happens when we create a life based on our values, a life that is meaningful, that includes activities that fulfill us, surrounded by people who truly understand us..." read more

5 Simple Ways to Relax and Recharge

"Many of us have a hard time relaxing. Maybe just the thought of taking a break actually stresses you. And that’s understandable. Because, as “a society we value being busy, so it can almost feel that we are doing something wrong by relaxing,” said Agnes Wainman, Ph.D, a clinical psychologist and self-proclaimed self-care activist in London, Ontario..." read more

Get Fit Enough

"As you write your New Year’s resolutions, shift your perspective about fitness:  Instead of striving for perfect fitness, this year decide you will get fit enough for your life..." read more

Start Where You Are

January/February 2017 Issue (link unavailable at this time).                                                     

Recovering From the Election

"Election Day is the culmination of a volatile and, for many, stressful campaign season. We address some of the psychological effects of this election, whether it's the onslaught of media coverage or relationship issues over differing political views..." listen now